What to expect (Children)

Before making contact with us, it is important that your child wants to deal with their issue. If they are attending sessions for somebody else or because they are made to, then any progress made, will not lost.

Your child has to be ready to make changes.

When you first contact us, and it has been decided that I can help, I will introduce myself to your child via video-call, if possible. I will then send you a form to fill out with your child

First online session – choose a room where you and your child can sit comfortably and can see me on the screen. A Parent must be present at all times, preferably in the background. If your child has a comfort item, like a teddy bear or blanket, these can be brought into the room with them.

This first session is an opportunity for your child to talk through their issue(s) in their own words and in their own way. As a parent myself, I know how easy it is to talk on behalf of your child, finish their sentences and elaborate on their responses. However, it is essential that your child speaks for themselves and know that it is their time to express themselves freely, without reprimand/negative consequences. There will be an opportunity for your child to take part in an activity that uses hypnotherapy techniques.

Subsequent online sessions (between 4 - 12 sessions) will continue to build rapport between myself and your child, where they will talk about their progress and we’ll discuss next steps. Each session will involve me guiding them, helping them relax and making suggestions to help them deal with their issues or eliminate unhelpful thoughts and behaviour/habits. This will include teaching them self-hypnosis.

Clients local to, or visiting Worthing, West Sussex (UK) may choose to have their session on the beach. Parent/carer must stay or stay nearby.

Please note: Unfortunately, I am not qualified for hypnotherapy on children who have communicative, developmental, social or behavioural disorders and conditions. However, I can work on confidence, stress and anxiety independently, if the child is able to engage and communicate.