Our programme for students aged 15 and above came about after noticing an increase in the number of children coming to us with stress and anxiety related issues. The majority have been Year 10 and Year 11 students.

Parents and carers of students going through their GCSE programme have noticed a change in their children's behaviour, with some reporting issues even earlier. The root of the problem is a combination of factors, including stress from revision and exams, fear of failure, and other responsibilities that can weigh heavily on this age group. These feelings and behaviours can impact students' everyday lives in profound ways, leaving them and their families struggling to cope. Many parents have expressed a desire for more support from schools and the wider community, recognising that tackling these issues requires a concerted effort from all parties involved. Overall, the hope is that by working together, we can help young people navigate this challenging time and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side.

Like our group sessions, the programme offers a range of options, including one-off and multiple-sessions, curricular and extra-curricular. They are customised for students and their needs. The sessions help to provide them with practical techniques, information and relaxation methods which may help them to understand and to find ways to cope. Topics include stress-management, exam/revision focus and anxiety-reduction.

Our fee for each session starts at £75.00, but in our experience, groups have found ways to make it more accessible. For example, sharing the costs among your school and community groups, including school fundraising teams and pastoral support/curriculum budgets. You will be helping to support mental health and wellbeing for more students. Plus, many parents cannot afford the one-to-one sessions, but they may be able to donate towards group sessions for their child. We believe that mental wellbeing is important, and we are committed to finding ways to make our services more affordable and accessible for all.

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Students aged 15+