Our school programme caters to the unique needs of the school environment while following the same format as our regular group sessions.

Drawing from my extensive experience as a former teacher and support worker within educational institutions, our school group sessions focus on reducing stress and anxiety that can arise in the lives of school staff. We understand the impact that these pressures can have on both work and personal life.

Our programme offers a range of options, including one-off sessions or a series of group sessions that provide attendees with practical techniques, information and relaxation methods to help them find balance and understanding.

We understand that school budgets are stretched beyond limits and paying out for our service may seem beyond reach. However, the investment into the wellbeing of school staff has the real potential of reducing stress, which in turn can affect stress-based absences and illnesses. Other organisations have subsidised or asked attendees to contribute a small amount and with enough people, the session fees may be easily met.

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