Inner Power Hypnotherapy Disclaimer

Please note that Inner Power Hypnotherapy does not guarantee a 'cure' or success. The effectiveness of the treatment programmes may be successful for one client, but does not guarantee success for another. The hypnotherapy process is dependent upon the client's committment to change. The complexities of issues and the client's desire to change can also have an impact upon the result.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that can be used alongside some conditions. However, hypnotherapy is not compatible with all psychological or medical conditions/disorders. Please seek permission from your G.P. or consultant before starting hypnotherapy.

Non-UK residents: By taking part in sessions with Inner Power Hypnotherapy, you will be recognising and accepting that the hypnotherapist is qualified and regulated by UK organisations and standards and not necessarily by your own/resident country's criteria. You will be agreeing to all the terms and conditions, code of conduct, privacy poliies and disclaimer that UK residents accept.