Growing up can be challenging. A child will have to deal with changing schools, discrimination, navigating friendships, dealing with hormonal changes, exam stresses and sometimes changes in family circumstances such as bereavement or parents separating.

Sometimes, it is not obvious when a child is dealing with an issue. However, stress and anxiety can often be evident in their behaviour. They may, for example, develop habits like nail biting, teeth-grinding or suddenly becoming clingy. They might spend less time with friends or prefer to be alone.

Transitioning from being a child to becoming a teenager can also trigger some changes that are difficult to adjust to. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can become an issue. Teenagers may struggle to stay focussed or organised. The stresses of homework and exams can also take its toll on the mind and behaviour of a young person. After the disruption and difficulties of the pandemic, some teenagers may also struggle with socialising and feeling confident around others.

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Can hypnotherapy help children?

Yes, absolutely. Children have an amazing imagination, which is very useful in the hypnotherapy process. In order to help them alter or eliminate unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, visualisations and story-telling can be used. Children can easily imagine themselves playing a role, or act like their ideal self - without difficulty. It allows them to safely mimic and repeat desired behaviours and thoughts until it becomes part of them.

As children get older and reach their teen years, they rely less on their imagination and start to use more emotions then logic and reasoning. Therefore, a different approach is often used. There is more emphasis on how they can change their mind set and use mental tools and techniques.

I work with children age 7 – 17 years old and incorporate techniques to fit their stage of development.

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